Printable Access Instructions for Choices

The Choices® (Bridges Transitions ©2009) software is installed on PCs in computer clusters all across campus.  This multi-featured software will help you create an interest profile, document your skills, consider your academic options and begin to plan your professional future.  It will help you prepare to talk with a career counselor or with your Department of University Studies academic advisor.  It is part of the process that ends with you choosing a major that is right for you.  And it’s easy to get started!

  1. To begin, you must go to a computer in a computer cluster. Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE, and log in as usual. Note: Choices is not available on the public internet. This software can only be accessed on computers in computer clusters.
    steps 2 and 3
  2. Click on the round Windows icon (bottom left) to open the Windows Vista Taskbar.  Select All Programs -> Departments -> career -> Wchoices. (as shown above) The Choices software is called “Wchoices.” Click on it to begin.
  3. The “Choices Session File” window will open.
    1. First time: Type a filename in the “Session Filename” box. Enter a password (optional) in the next box.  For example, I used “Matt” as my filename.  Remember your filename and password.  They are important.  Then click “Create” to begin the session.
    2. Next time: Type the Filename in the “Session Filename” box, and the password, if any. Then click “Open” to access your stored session.
  4. When the Choices 2009 page appears, select from the available Assessments options near the top left of the screen.  Start with the Interest Profiler, available in English or Spanish.
    Step 4
  5. Once you’ve completed the Interest Profiler, print out a copy of your results. Bring this copy with you to your advising meeting.
    step 5

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