Suggested Introductory Courses

It’s nice to be able to recommend an “introduction to” course to a student interested in a particular major, but not every introductory course has the word introduction in its name.  An ideal choice will 1) introduce the discipline to the student, 2) fit into the core curriculum for that major and/or serve as a prerequisite for later classes in that option, 3) is at the 1000 level, or, in a few exceptional cases, at the 2000 level, with no prerequisites and, when possible, 4) might also fit into a minor in that discipline, should the student choose to seek the minor instead.  Classes that also meet a General Education requirement, such as the TECO requirement, are an option in some cases, but not ideal for deciding students because their eventual choice of major may require its own specific TECO.

Compiled based on the 2010/2011 catalog by the Department of University Studies

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