October 2007

October 19th, 2007 by Noelle

Monthly Report to the Faculty from Provost Julie Bernier

We’ve been back in session for a month and the trees along the brick walkway are starting to change. The blueberry bush in front of Memorial no longer has berry pickers and everyone seems to be settling in for a productive semester. Plymouth State University is a great place to be in the fall!

Program Development

  • Brian Eisenhauer has been leading a group of faculty in the development of a BS in Environmental Science. An intent to submit proposal was approved by SAPC in August.
  • Sheryl Shirley has led the efforts of the International Studies program and will be bringing forward a proposal for this new program shortly.


We are in the process of writing our 5th year interim report for NEASC. Dean Fitzpatrick has agreed to lead this charge and a number of individuals across campus have begun the process.

US State Department Grant

The Pakistani Institute has been awarded another $328,038 bringing the total funding to over $1.3 million dollars over five years. Next summer’s project is entitled “Active and Responsible Citizenship” and will focus on environmental and cultural heritage preservation. Congratulations to Blake Allen, Susan Amburg, Mary Ann McGarry, and Liane Sutcliffe for their efforts toward this open competition grant.


The Internationalization taskforce is in place and getting ready to begin their work. If you have ideas or suggestions to pass along to them, the committee composition is listed below.
Thanks to everyone who showed interest in participating in this process.

  • Internationalization Taskforce
    • Daniel Moore (Chair)
    • Grace Fraser
    • Anil Waghe
    • Anita Lee
    • Paul Wilson
    • Barbara Lopez-Mayhew
    • Gene Fahey- Admissions and recruiting
    • Deb Regan- Study Abroad/ Exchange Visitor Program
    • Dennise Maslakowski- Graduate
    • Cheryl Baker – Graduate international initiatives
    • Tim Keefe- international student services

Commencement Speaker/Honorary Degrees

The Honorary Degree and Awards Committee will be asking for nominations for the Granite State Award and Honorary Degrees to be awarded at Commencement. One of the Honorary Degree candidates will be asked to give the Commencement Address. Please be thinking about nominations and watch for the call from the committee. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 1st

Changes in store for Convocation

This year we will be making some changes to our Spring Convocation ceremony to focus the event on celebrating the accomplishments of our seniors. Department senior awards, and special recognition of seniors will be the primary focus of this event. Scholarships awarded to first year through third year students will be moved to department events or to a new academic achievement celebration. This new event will most likely be held in the Fall and will allow us to focus on award winners and provide an opportunity for awardees to
meet and interact with donors and donor’s families during a dinner event. More information will be forthcoming.

Upcoming Events

  • The Grand Opening of Mary Lyon will occur on October 12th at 2 p.m., preceded by tours from 12-2. Please come and join us to see the spectacular work that has been done. In addition to the living spaces, Mary Lyon is the new home of the College of University Studies, Undergraduate Advising, and Residential Life on the “Garden Level”
  • October 12-14 is Homecoming and Family Weekend. I hope many of you will be able to attend a number of the many events occurring throughout the weekend. Parents and alumni are always looking to meet and interact with faculty.
  • The USNH Board of Trustees will be on campus on October 18th. There will be an opportunity for all to meet with and interact with Board members.

News From Academic Affairs
Departments and Faculty


  • Pat Cantor has been named by Chancellor Reno as the University System representative to the New Hampshire Child Care Advisory Council, which is charged with supporting the development of quality, affordable child care statewide and advising the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services on issues and needs regarding child care services.
  • On August 30th Marcel Lebrun presented on Functional Behavior Assessment: The key components of student behavioral assessments at Madison Elementary School for teachers, special educators and support personnel.

Social Science:

  • On September 9-10 PSU hosted a dozen University of Wolverhampton (UK) Geography and Environmental Sciences students on campus and in the field. Students used Livermore Falls as a study area to plan for the development of the site for a state park. They spent the day on site with faculty advisors, then prepared presentations or reports. Bryon Middlekauff assisted with this experience, facilitating the students’ use of the Dow GIS lab at PSU. Additionally, he led the group on an all day field trip into Franconia Notch. This international trip is a yearly event and involves faculty from Keene State and the UK. This international travel/learning experience has been ongoing since 1995.
  • Bob Heiner’s latest book, Deviance Across Cultures, was published by Oxford University Press this Fall.


  • Professor Frank Kopczynski, CMA, CPA has received the George Teloian Manuscript Award for 2006-2007 from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

Lamson Library:

  • Publications:
    • David A. Beronä wrote the “Introduction” to Laurence Hyde’s Southern Cross: A
      Novel of the South Seas
      . Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly Press, 2007.

Music, Theatre and Dance:

  • Carleen Graff had a second piano concerto published for digital keyboard ensemble and solo piano – “Mozart’s Concerto in F Major, K. 413” – by Ogilvy Music in Denton, Texas.

Social Work:

  • The student social work club is undertaking a fundraising effort to conduct a field tour of the roots of social work in England that would be accompanied by Professor O’Brien and Prof. Meyer.
  • Scott Meyer will again serve a term as the President of the Board of the Plymouth Regional Clinic providing free health care to citizens in need. He has also been appointed to the Governor’s Commission on the Status of Men.
  • Scott Meyer provided reflections at the Pemi Baker Home Health and Hospice annual memorial service in Plymouth.
  • Cyndy Moniz participated in a Social Work Unification meeting of 10 major social work organizations held at the Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, WI in June as an NASW representative. She was also honored at the annual NASW Board of Directors Celebration Dinner in Washington, DC in June for her service as national Secretary, and was reappointed by the Council on Social Work Education to the Council on Leadership Development (2007-2010)
  • Cyndy Moniz and Steve Gorin did an invitational presentation in Washington, DC for the National Council to Preserve Social Security and Medicare’s annual meeting in June. Cyndy and Steve were also chosen for the NH AFL-CIO’s Distinguished Service Award for their achievements in Social Justice.
  • Steve Gorin was appointed by the Governor and Executive Council to the State Committee on Aging (SCOA) for 2007-2010. His article, “The United States Can Afford the Boomers,” was published in the August volume of Health & Social Work.

Communication and Media Studies:

  • Books:
    • Mediated Deviance and Social Otherness: Interrogating Influential Representations, edited by Kylo-Patrick Hart, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. It contains Hart’s essays “Our Bodies, Their Bodies, and (In)Visible Lesions: AIDS, Film Melodramas, and the Transformation from ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ to ‘Just Us'” and “The Trouble with Kids: Harmful Representations of Adolescents and AIDS in a Popular Teen Film,” colleague Annette Holba’s essay “representing an Archetypal ‘Wicked’ Stepmother: Revisiting Abby Durfee Gray Borden,” and eighteen additional scholarly essays.
    • Annette Holba’s book “Philosophical Leisure: Recuperative Praxis for Human Communication,” has been published by Marquette University Press.
  • Journal Articles:
    • Kylo-Patrick Hart has published “Retrograde Storytelling or Queer Cinematic Triumph? The (Not So) Groundbreaking Qualities of the Film ‘Brokeback Mountain’” in the academic journal Intertexts, and “Cinematic Trash or Cultural Treasure? Conflicting Viewer Reactions to the Extremely Violent World of Bisexual Men in Gregg Araki’s ‘Heterosexual Movie’ “The Doom Generation” in the Journal of Bisexuality
    • Annette Holba’s coauthored article “The Rhetorical Turn to Otherness: Otherwise than Humanism” has been published in Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy.

Health and Human Performance:

  • Linda Levy, Liesl Lindley, Brian Boyls-White (MEd ’09) and 10 PSU undergraduate and graduate athletic training students provided athletic training services for the 2007 New Hampshire Highlander Games on September 22-23. The Highlander Games are a combination of the traditional Scottish competitions that started in the 1300’s and the recently developed Strong Men competitions as seen on ESPN.
  • Angel Ekstrom ran a successful White Mountain Orientation Program, had 9 students complete a beginning surfing trip in September, and will have 8 students in a sea kayaking class on Sept. 28-30

Criminal Justice:

  • Eric MacLeish is teaching a seminar at Boston University School of Law on National Security and Civil Liberties. Guest speakers have included Dr. Stuart Grassian, a psychiatrist who has testified in most of the major terrorist cases about solitary confinement. Next week’s guest speaker is a survivor of the Japanese-American internment camps. Much of the material from his seminar, he covers in the three civil liberties courses at PSU. He finds it interesting that many PSU students, while not having had the benefit of law school, have strong intellectual and analysis skills that put them almost on a par with his law students.

Here ends the October report to the faculty.

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