About ETC

The Educational Theatre Collaborative (ETC) at Plymouth State University is an inspiring and innovative arts education program.  The program is a  two-time Moss Hart Award winner for excellence in community and children’s theater.  The cornerstone of the program takes place each January.  After four weeks of intensive rehearsals, PSU faculty, staff, students, and members of the Plymouth community appear in a full scale musical production on the main stage of the Silver Center for the Arts.  Along with its annual production, ETC offers a one day arts festival for children, an integrated arts conference for teachers and a regional children’s art display.

ETC is an inclusive organization interested in outreach to the community. Various activities include two levels of drama workshop, a one-day arts festival for children, an integrated arts conference for teachers, the Young Actors Ensemble, an area art display, and a full-scale, inter-generational theatrical production.

ETC’s producers, directors and employees are committed to the creation of a nurturing, tolerant, innovative and challenging environment in which people of all ages unite to experience the magic of the arts.