2014 Workshop Schedule

Placing the Arts at the Heart

The 19th Annual Integrated Arts Conference

January 24, 2014  ~  Silver Center for the Arts

8:30 am Enter the World of Oliver and Discover the Possibilities of the Arts in Education

Registration and refreshment

Silver Center Lobby
9:00 am “Consider Yourself at Home”


Dr. Trish Lindberg  Professor, Elementary Education and Childhood Studies and Educational Leadership, Learning and Community, Coordinator, Integrated Arts Programs, Artistic Director, ETC/TIGER

Smith Recital Hall
9:15 am “Who will buy this wonderful morning?”

Waking Up with the Arts

Prepare to be motivated and inspired as Irene shares her ideas and thoughts on how the arts can be the impetus to improve academic success.    Irene’s positive energy will make you want to become a change agent.  Irene believes that enthusiasm, energy and excitement ignite success!

Irene Cucina  D.P.E. Professor, Health and Human Performance Department, Plymouth State University Director of Educator Preparation

Smith Recital Hall
9: 35 am “It’s a Fine Life”

Getting Started 

A broad overview of the new National Core Art Standards and why they matter.

Marcia McCaffrey New Hampshire Department of Education Arts Consultant / Facilitator for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards

Smith Recital Hall
10:00 am BREAK OUT SESSIONS Please select  one from the following list (A or B) “Keep it as a Treasure”Imagining the possibilities when digging deeper into the Core
A. “Reviewing the Situation”

Exploring the new National Core Arts Standards

Learn about the new voluntary National Core Arts Standards by reviewing the underpinning philosophy and goals, the definition of artistic literacy, and the framework matrix. Marcia will take participants through samples of draft standards from artistic process, to anchor standard, essential question, enduring understanding and performance standard. Then, dive into an analysis by the College Board between the Common Core standards and the arts. Discuss how these new standards will support teaching and learning in your classroom.

Marcia McCaffrey

Smith Recital Hall
B. “Never Before Has a Boy Asked for More”

Building Understanding for the Common Core

I’m an integrated arts teacher…what do I need to know about the Common Core? How can you expect me to teach literacy and math as I have my own content to teach! This session provides an overview to the standards and strategies for you to incorporate the standards into your content.

Essential Questions: What is the purpose of the Common Core Standards?  How can I teach my own content and CCSS too?

Lyn Ward Healy Education Consultant

Choral Room-122
10:55 am Break

Please select  one from the following list (A-E) “It’s a Fine Life”

Applying & Investigating what the Common Core is and what you can do with it.

A. “Fine airs and fine graces”

Connecting Oliver to Social Class

Based on their article in The New Hampshire Journal of Education, the presenters will illustrate how to connect the arts to integrated curricular units, demonstrating the practice by working with workshop participants to design a unit based on social class using Oliver as a central text.

Dr. Megan Birch Teacher Consultant with the National Writing Project in NH and an Associate Professor of English at PSU


Dr. Meg J. Petersen Director of the National Writing Project in NH and a Professor of English at PSU

Theory Room-131
B. “Leading this Merry Dance”

Common Core Standards and Core Competencies for Dance and Theater

Come get some practical and creative ways to incorporate standards and competencies into dance/theater classes and productions.  We will present and discuss real-life solutions in the areas of instruction and assessment, and we’ll work together to get beyond that four-letter F word:  FEAR!

Jill Deleault Music/Dance/Theater Teacher at Campbell High School (Litchfield, NH)

Dance Studio
C. “Ain’t That a Lovely Tune”

Unlocking the Heart, the Hands, and the Mind with the Arts 

The arts are how children develop and interact with their world (singing, drawing, acting and dancing).  Explore the classic stories of Charles Dickens and learn how to teach them through the arts.  Connections will be made to the Common Core.  Participants will learn how the arts naturally lie within the Common Core and unlock the heart, the hands, and the mind of all learners.

Kirsten Mohring Music Teacher at Nottingham West Elementary (Hudson, NH)

Band Room
D. “Pip, Pip, Cheerio”

Victorian Era Arts and Technology

Come along and experience the lead technologies of the day…if the day is 1830.  The Victorians created many art forms such as photography, animation, and optical art that have a direct influence on our 21st century visual and performing arts.

Timm Judas Artist and Educator, Oxbow Union High School, Bradford, VT

Conference Room -130
E. Turning Over New Leaves

Using Oliver as a Gateway to History and the Common Core

Dickens’ classic offers a fascinating introduction to history and the timeless themes that touch humanity.

Participants will see how essential questions matched with carefully themed text sets can make non fiction reading come alive.  Emphasis will be on how the creative use of outstanding children’s literature can meet Common Core standards.

James W. Stiles Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Childhood Studies, Plymouth State University

Choral Room -122
12:30 pm “Food, Glorious Food”


Prospect Dining Hall
1:30 pm “Where is Love?”

The Heart Needs the Arts

Heidi Welch New Hampshire 2013 Teacher of the Year

2:00 pm TIGER Presentation: Bully-Free You and Me

Raising awareness and seeking solutions to bullying behavior by empowering bystanders, this new TIGER production integrates research on the importance of educating bystanders about the powerful role they play in helping to stop bullying behavior in schools. This production is fresh, new, and exciting, with seven original musical songs and dances. We collaborated with Boston based rock band Strange Changes on two new songs.  There are three versions of this production; one suitable for students K-4, a second for students 5-8, and an all school assembly for K-8.

2:45 pm “You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two”

Construct & Reflect

Now that I have seen the power of the Common Core, how can I share this with others?

Post-performance discussion with Marcia McCaffrey, Timm Judas, Dr. Meg J. Petersen, Jill Deleault, Dr. James W. Stiles and Heidi Welch

3:15 pm “Small Pleasures”

Reflection Quilt

A fun, hand-on, exciting opportunity for reflection and synthesis!

Dr. Trish Lindberg, Timm Judas, & Kirsten Mohring

4:00 pm “Tea-supping and eating crumpets”

Conversation Café 

Join us for some light refreshments and music!  This is a great opportunity to network with other educators and artists.

4:45 pm “Tie it up with a Ribbon”

Share your final thoughts and construct the Reflection Quilt

This quilt will be on display in the Silver Cultural Arts Center for the 7:00pm performance of Oliver!

5:00 pm “You can go but be back soon”

Dinner on your own

Enjoy dining in scenic Plymouth.  A list of restaurants and directions has been provided for you in your packet.

7:00 pm 7:00 pmOliver! PerformanceTickets are a separate purchase from the conference admission.

Please purchase your tickets at the time of conference registration in order to receive the discounted price.

Immerse yourself all day long in art, dance, and song.  Our workshop titles were each derived from Oliver! songs and lyrics.

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