Faculty and Staff

 2013 Institute


Blakeman Allen, Project Director

Amy Maki, Project Assistant

Sally Kilfoyle, Institute Events Coordinator

Nicole Chaplin, Residence Director

Cait McKay, Residence Director

Kathleen Smith, Graduate Assistant

Pakistan In-Country Team

Beena Raza,Managing Director Learning Pathways

Rehan Farooq, Administrative/Financial Support


Cecilia Gaffney, Patricia Lindberg, Deo Mwano, Kathleen Norris, Millie Rahn, Leo Sandy, Christie Sweeney, Kim Sychterz, and Katherine York

Master Action Plan Instructors

Susan Shapiro, Kathleen Smith, and Julie Tallman

Institute Committee

Blakeman Allen, Keith Botelho, Tara DiSalvo, Rodney Ekstrom, Jennifer Frank, Joanne Guilmett, Mary Hill, Todd Kent, Sally Kilfoyle, Lisa Ladd, Bob Lasny, Amy Maki, Chris Mongeon, Ellen Shippee, and Tom Weeks


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