TIGER Cast Members

Sam's head shot-web

Samuel Bennett

Kaoru's head shot-web

Kaoru Yano

Hannah's head shot-web

Hannah Judas

Cara's head shot-web

Caralivia Levanti

Bartley's head shot-web

Bartley Mullin


Let Your Star Shine        Cast Members

Lisa Lovett                           Eric Schroeder

Lisa's head shot-web  















Meg O'Brian

Meg O’Brian

Brittany Irish

Brittany Irish

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Will Bolton

Will Bolton

"Meg Reid"

Meg Reid

Naledi Ramoabi

Sharleigh Thompson













Tour Manager

Pamela Irish

Performance Highlights


“This year was our 9th year to host the TIGER Program for our school. Each year, you wonder if they can put together a program better than the previous year. Well they have and it was the best one yet! I would recommend hosting this program in your school.”


– K. L. Barbour, Principal, Bessie C. Rowell School.