Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends helps children understand what it takes to make and be a good friend, has been a favorite in our schools because of its humor and strong messages about friendship. School counselors requested this popular production that seeks to help students understand how their behavior influences their friendships. Just Between Friends is filled with many entertaining scenes, songs and dances that teach children how to engage in more positive relationships with their friends. It is suitable for a K-6 audience.

This fun production includes favorites: “The Great Rotini” and “The Jump Rope”.

The cornerstones of this production are:

Trust    I accept you    Giving     Exclusion? No!    Respect

Performance Highlights


“I watched as a parent, a teacher, colleague and friend. My mind was racing with emotions and these feelings all stemmed from students’ voices through their writing. They conveyed such a powerful message.”

– K. A. McLoud, Teacher, Plymouth Elementary School.