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Examines dynamics of socio-cultural change and how anthropological concepts and methods can be applied to address contemporary human problems. Explores ethical dimensions of applied work, and how anthropologists can successfully work in collaboration with communities and organizations. Case studies demonstrate how anthropologists work in the field of health, education, international development, natural resource conservation, tourism, […]

An introduction to the study of people and cultures around the world. A brief survey of the 4 major divisions of anthropology (archaeology, cultural, physical, linguistics) is followed by a comprehensive discussion of the concept of culture and its technological, social and ideological components. Falls and Springs. (GACO)

A scientific examination of humans as biological organisms. Surveys current research on evolutionary theory and principles; introductory Mendelian, molecular and population genetics; human biological adaptation and diversity; nonhuman primate biology and behavior; human and nonhuman fossil record. Humans are members of the Kingdom Animalia and the Order Primates and thus share many features with other […]

Bachelor of Arts The Anthropology and Sociology program at Plymouth State University offers the chance to embark on a comprehensive study of human behavior. Anthropology/Sociology majors learn to appreciate global social issues by understanding that human diversity and human problems must be examined in the context of cultures and societies. Anthropologists and sociologists use the […]

Professor of Anthropology-Sociology B.S., Northeastern University; M.A., Ph.D., Boston University Email: Contact Information 603-535-2333 Rounds Hall 113 MSC # 39 About Professor Stacey G. Yap Before joining Plymouth State University as a professor in sociology, Professor Stacey G. Yap was formerly a director of a consumer research company in Singapore & Malaysia. She was the […]

Associate Professor of Anthropology-Sociology Phone: (603) 535-2502 E-mail: Profile Grace Fraser is a cultural anthropologist with interests in conflict and law, applied anthropology and theories of tourism development and SIDS. She has done field work for over 30 years in the Caribbean and organized and ran Plymouth State University’s first ethnographic field school in […]

Associate Professor, Special Collections Librarian/University Archivist, Library Media Phone: (603) 535-2961 E-mail: Profile Alice Staples supervises interns in the Heritage Studies Program. In addition to her work at PSU as the Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist, she has worked for the National Park Service, processing archival collections from parks and monuments in the […]

Assistant Professor of Anthropology BS, BA, University of Vermont; PhD, University of Georgia Email:   MSC #39 Phone: 603-535-2424 Fax: 603-535-2351

Professor of Anthropology BA, University of Rochester; MPhil, PhD, Yale University Email: Contact information 603-535-3076 Rounds Hall 210 MSC # 39 About Professor Starbuck David Starbuck is an historical and industrial archaeologist, specializing in the archaeology of America’s forts and battlefields, the archaeology of utopian societies (the Shakers), and the archaeology of medieval and […]

Teaching Lecturer, Anthropology BA, Boston University; MA, East Carolina University; MA, State University of New York-Albany Email: Contact Information 603-535-2335 Rounds Hall 112 MSC #39