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Exploration of hip-hop through the “broad spectrum approach” of performance studies. Use of anthropology, ethnography, writing, data, and theatre and ritual studies support student inquiry. Students create and perform hip-hop through lyric writing, visual art, and breakdance. Falls and Springs. (CTDI)

Capstone course for majors; provides an overview of anthropological methodology and theory. Heavily emphasizes research and the practical applications of anthropology. Springs. Prerequisite(s): (AN 4400 or SO 4400) or (AN 4410 or SO 4410) and Junior or Senior standing as a major. (WRCO)

Provides a more intense background in some aspect of anthropology through reading and research, supplementing previous courses or broadening the student’s knowledge in some subject area not presently covered by AN courses. Consent required of the instructor who will supervise the independent study and the Department Chair.

Anthropology brings insights into humankind’s past, present and future. We will explore what it means to be human through the perspectives and methods of linguists, ethnographers, biological anthropologists, and archaeologists. You will understand the advantages of examining contemporary issues through multiple scientific methods and how doing so can provide a holistic outlook on the diversity […]

Concepts of illness, wellness, and healing reflect the societies and cultures in which they are found. Compares ways in which a variety of Western (e.g., France, Germany, United States) and non-Western (South American, African) societies and cultures think about and institutionalize health and illness. Selected topics include: changing health and nutritional status from human prehistory […]

Master of Science The Master of Science (MS) in Environmental Science and Policy is designed to expand students’ understanding of the natural, social and physical dimensions of environmental issues. Students work with faculty members in areas such as forest ecosystems, hydrology, climate change, environmental economics, and land use planning to learn about the relationship between […]

Master of Education Heritage Studies explores the intricate relationships and subjects of identity, memory, intangibility/tangibility, dissonance and place. It is a multidisciplinary program in understanding the construction of heritage within the social sciences. Using place-based methods, our accomplished faculty including folklorists and archivists will explore a number of heritage landscapes to uncover the meanings of […]

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Bachelor of Arts Bienvenido!   For more information about our Spanish program, please contact: Dr. Wilson García (603)535-2483 Dr. Barbara Lopez-Mayhew (603)535-2834 Plymouth State University Dept. of Languages and Linguistics Hyde Hall – 2nd floor, MSC 49 Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264

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