Looking for graduate schools


These tips may make your search process more manageable:

  • Speak with faculty members about programs they would recommend.
  • Ask professionals in the field where they did their graduate program and where they would recommend.
  • Visit your preferred schools if possible and speak with currently enrolled students.
  • Ask to be referred to alumni of the graduate program in your area.
  • Review related professional journals to determine where leaders in your field of interest are teaching/engaging in research.
  • Review on line graduate school materials carefully.
  • Line up your references early;
  • Petersons.com—the online version of the Peterson’s Guide to Graduate and Professional programs. Allows you to search for programs by keyword, institution, location, academic area or professional degree; can be busy during peak hours; provides initial program overview
  • Gradschools.com—the most comprehensive graduate school search online; can search by program or by geography; provides initial contact information for programs
  • Schoolguides.com—a comprehensive online guide to doctoral, master’s and professional degrees; can search by location or academic area
  • Princeton Review—provides information on admissions to graduate, law, business, or medical programs as well as useful information on standardized tests
  • Educational Testing Service Network—provides information on the following exams: AP, GRE, SAR, PRAXIS, GMAT, TOEFL; serves as a gateway to definitive information about college and graduate school admission and placement tests as well as other useful educational resources.
  • Graduate-Schools-USA.com – pure and easy search for almost all Graduate Schools and Degrees in the USA with the option to order free brochures, viewbooks and applications.

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