“Family Of” ID Policy

This policy applies to benefits eligible PSU faculty and staff only. The “Family Of” IDs are not issued to non-benefited employees.
The “Family Of” ID cards are the standard Faculty/Staff ID with “Family Of” printed on them in red lettering above the bar code on the right hand side of the ID. The “Family Of” PSU ID is for benefited PSU employees whose immediate family members would like to use the facilities of the University. Immediate family members are defined as follows:

Legally joined partners/spouses (civil union and/or marriage)

Dependent children, up to the age of 22

The following rules and regulations apply to the use of the “Family Of” cardholders using the HUB recreation facilities:

Exceptions for access to restricted areas will not be granted under any circumstances for a “Family Of” ID.  Other exceptions in regards to the “Family Of” ID may be considered on a case by case basis and would be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources.

Users of the “Family Of” ID must be at least 16 years of age to use the Fitness Rooms in the Hartman Union Building and must be accompanied by the ID holder.

Users of the “Family Of” ID must be 18 years of age to use the facility without a PSU faculty/Staff employee present.

If the user is between the ages of 16 and 18, the faculty/staff employee must accompany them at all times. For example, the minor may not use the fitness room while the PSU faculty/staff employee is using the Cardio Theater. They must be located in the same venue at all times.

All users of the “Family Of” ID must be able to provide some form of personal identification when they present their “Family Of” ID (such as driver’s license, passport, etc.).

The “Family Of” user may check out any available rec equipment at the Fitness Room desk (basketballs, etc.) providing they have proper identification. Users between the ages of 16 and 18 must have the PSU faculty/staff employee sign out the equipment under their name and stay with the “Family Of” ID holder at all times. “Family Of” users may NOT rent or check out the equipment from the Recreation Program’s Desk without the presence of the PSU faculty/staff employee. This policy has been implemented for billing purposes. All equipment rental fees and late or damage fees are charged to the PSU faculty or staff person’s University account. Without the signature and acknowledgment of the PSU employee the account may not be charged, and it becomes more difficult to retrieve any damage or late fees that may be accrued.

Family members using the “Family Of” ID may not register any guests to use the facility.

Users of the “Family Of” ID will be registered as a guest on all Participation Logs at the recreation venues.

You can get your “Family Of” ID by visiting the Panther Printshop/ University ID Center, located in the Hartman Union Building, room 118. More information on the hours of operation and policies regarding University IDs is available online.


July 5th, 2011 by Betsy

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Report your Lost ID

Please help us with preventing the misuse of your ID card and the loss of your FLEX cash by reporting its loss. After it's been reported lost, have the ID card replaced as soon as possible by going to the ID Center in the HUB. Revisit the above link if the ID is found before it has been replaced.