Internship Deadlines

  • For Winterim 2015 consideration:
  • For Spring 2015 consideration:
  • For Summer 2014 consideration:
    April 11, 2014
  • For Fall 2014 consideration
    May 3o, 2014

* Internship students need to complete the intake process in time to meet the registration deadlines.

Intern Profiles

Sean Fitzgerald


Sean Fitzgerald

Graphic Design

Innerspire, Bedford NH

“Immediately I realized the way I’ll approach design projects is going to have to be different from how I approach a project for class. I can’t just hop on Google and start brainstorming with images because this is the real world here and not a classroom. I’m noticing more than anything else, that while in school we play the role of both the developer and the designer, it seems that in the industry is very much not the case and that the roles are split between two parties.”