Internship Deadlines

  • For Winterim 2015 consideration:
  • For Spring 2015 consideration:
  • For Summer 2014 consideration:
    April 11, 2014
  • For Fall 2014 consideration
    May 3o, 2014

* Internship students need to complete the intake process in time to meet the registration deadlines.

Intern Profiles

Marissa Matta

Marissa Matta

Graphic Design

WeDu, Manchester, NH

“Overall, I have exceeded what I thought I would be dealing with, and what I would learn.  I would recommend this place [WeDu] in a second.I loved every minute of it and the information and experience I got from here is incredible, and it also broadened my horizons into different departments which only enhance the design experience. As for my work, I got a lot of positive and negative feedback, both of which I took constructively and it really helped me out a lot.”