The Global Education Office partners with Business, Education, English Writing, Geography, Graphic Design, Music, Theatre, and Dance, and the Women’s Studies Council to provide credit bearing, experiential courses for their students. Students in these disciplines must come to the Global Education Office for information regarding an internship. Prior to the enrollment deadline for these internship courses, you must meet all departmental requirements and procedures, and have completed an intake interview at Global Education Office.

If you are a Graphic Design major, you need to see your academic department coordinator within your discipline. All other disciplines listed above, please print out and complete the Self-Assessment Form and the Conditions and Responsibilities form, both of which are available on the forms page.

You must bring these signed forms with you to your initial meeting with your intern instructor. If you do not have these forms when you arrive, your meeting will be cancelled.

Registration Deadlines

Prerequisites must be met and permission of the Global Education Office instructor is required. The deadline is stated in the Schedule of Classes. Deadline is at the end of initial registration period. Some majors have an earlier deadline to allow time for students to meet with the discipline advisor and to file an Intent to Intern form. Be sure you are within the deadline for your internship discipline.

Additional Information

The Global Education Office develops the internship sites for the students, pre-visits the site to set up the internship structure and academic goals, and then prepares the student to interview at the site. We assign the student to the Internship. The Global Education Office has a history of developing internships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Distant placement fees will apply for sites outside your geographic area.

Returning to campus, students are required to present their internship course experience to their department faculty, fellow students and other interested parties. Students describe their internship setting, the nature of their assignment and lessons learned on the job. This presentation gives the intern an opportunity to explain how they applied their education here at Plymouth and what they feel remains to be accomplished before they graduate.

Intern Profiles

Regan Bowlen

regan bowlen
Darci Creative
Portsmouth, NH
BFA Graphic Design