Test Accommodation Instructions

If You Want To Take an Exam in the PASS Office

1.  You must schedule your exam at least one full week prior to the exam date, as stated in the Academic Catalog. Final exams must be scheduled no later than the Monday prior to the start of finals.

2.  Email your request to pass.myexam@plymouth.edu and provide the date/time and course name of the exam.  Please check your email in case we have any questions about your request.  You will not receive a confirmation email.

3.  After making your request, come to PASS the next day to pick up the Alternative Testing Request.

4.  Bring the Alternative Testing Request form to your next class for your professor’s signature and instructions. Do not wait until the day of the exam to give your professor the form. You are responsible for returning the signed form to PASS.

5.  There is a place on the form for your professor to circle how the test is going to be delivered to the PASS office. The professor may deliver the exam or ask you to pick it up and bring it to PASS.

6.  If your professor indicates that you are picking up the exam, you should pick up the exam on the day it’s scheduled to be taken and come directly to the PASS office. If your professor is going to deliver the exam, come to the PASS office to take the exam at the scheduled time.

7.  We cannot start exams earlier or later than the scheduled time. Please be prompt as your professor expects you to start the exam at the time on the testing form. You will not be able to start an exam if you arrive late, without the permission of your instructor. Exams are scheduled for twice as much time as the class receives.

8.  Please notify the PASS office if you decide to take the exam in class or if the exam has been rescheduled. This will allow us to use the room for another exam.

9.  Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy will result in the notification of your professor and the department chair.