PSU ID Re-carding!!!

February 20th, 2014 by Randy
To all members of the PSU community:


PSU is moving to a new ID card system which will significantly increase security of individual information as well as lay the foundation for advancing our technologies in secure building access, tracking usage of campus services, and expanding FlexCash purchasing power within the greater Plymouth community.  All students and faculty who are new to campus as of June 2013, or who have had their ID card replaced since June 2013 are already in possession of the new card format and may disregard the remainder of this email.  If you are uncertain if you have the new card format, compare your ID card to the card image below.  If your ID resembles the card below, you have a new card – you may delete this email and move on with your day.



The vast majority of PSU ID holders will need to visit the Hartman Union’s Printshop/ID Center as outlined in the schedule below in order to acquire your new ID card.  There are two requirements for obtaining your new ID:


1.  You will need to exchange the PSU ID currently in your possession for your new Panther Pass ID.
2.  You will need to provide photo identification in order to receive your new ID.  Your current PSU ID will satisfy this requirement so long as the photo is not faded to the point where the image is no longer visible or recognizable.


The new ID cards will be distributed entirely according to surname alpha order and not by student class status or employee classification.  Community members may visit the ID Center any time between 11am-4:30pm on the day that your surname is scheduled below.  If you are on-campus and can make time to obtain your ID on your scheduled day, we respectfully request that you do so, as we would like to reduce the potential for queues as we move through the schedule.  You may, however, visit the ID Center any time between 11am – 4:30pm on any business day AFTER your scheduled acquisition date if you are unable to obtain your ID on your scheduled day.  We will only have one staff member available in the ID center during this three-week distribution process, so we are asking for your patience as we try to disseminate 3500+ IDs in a timely manner.


Please note:  
> We will not release any IDs to individuals on a date that precedes their scheduled date.
> You may not send a proxy (ie: a roommate, classmate, departmental administrative assistant, etc) to obtain your ID in your place.
> ID distribution will continue as scheduled regardless of any curtailed operations status that may be called.


Group 1: Monday, February 24th            Abbot  –  Bengtson
Group 2: Tuesday, February 25th           Bennett  –  Burgess
Group 3: Wednesday, February 26th      Burhoe  –  Cook
Group 4: Thursday, February 27th          Coon  –  Dixon
Group 5: Friday, February 28th               Djevalikian  –  Fleming
Group 6: Monday, March 3rd                        Flood  –  Greenwood
Group 7: Tuesday, March 4th                  Greff  –  Hulett
Group 8: Wednesday, March 5th             Hume  –  Kroeger
Group 9: Thursday, March 6th                      Kronmiller  –  MacLean
Group 10: Friday, March 7th                           MacLeish  –  Mealey
Group 11: Monday, March 10th               Mears  –  Nossek
Group 12: Tuesday, March 11th              Nostro  –  Powell
Group 13: Wednesday, March 12th         Power  –  Sayers
Group 14: Thursday, March 13th             Scaife  –  Sullivan
Group 15: Friday, March 14th                  Summers  –  Zumbach


Because of their limited access to campus services, all graduate students and students who are documented as student teachers for spring 2014 will be allowed to obtain their new ID anytime between 9am-9pm beginning on their alpha ordered date, including weekends.  ONLY graduate students and student teachers will be extended this service, as all remaining ID cards will be secured and unavailable to our student staff for distribution.


The ID cards that are currently in your possession will be de-activated (those IDs without the panther head) as of the end of the business day on Friday, April 4th.  If you have not acquired your new ID card by this time, you will risk being denied services where PSU identification is required.


While all best efforts have been taken to ensure a seamless transition between our outgoing and incoming ID systems, there will inevitably be a few hiccups that will need to be resolved.  If you discover that you are having issues with your card functioning properly, please contact one of the following individuals.


For FlexCash, vending, and meal plan issues:
Dave Carpentiere, Residential Life, Garden Level, Mary Lyon Hall
For all other issues:
 Randy Szabadics, Student Life, Printshop/ID Center, Hartman Union Building


Lastly, we thank the Student Senate for authorizing the use of their student activities fee reserves to fund the re-carding of all of our current PSU students.  Together, we are excited to welcome in the era of the Panther Pass and appreciate your assistance in making the transition to new ID cards a smooth one for the entire community.
Terri Potter
Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs, Student Life


July 5th, 2011 by Betsy

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