Hanaway Theatre Stage Specifications

Stage Dimensions

  • The proscenium opening is 52 feet wide by 24 feet high.
  • The repertory hanging plot provides a performance area 40 feet wide.
  • The stage floor is 90 Feet wide by 36 feet Deep (back wall to plaster line).
  • There is 16′ of wing space stage left, 12 Feet of wing space stage right.

Stage Floor

  • Softwood Resilient dance floor. 2″ X 4″ tongue and grove fir on rubber bumpers.

Soft goods

  • House curtain 100% fullness, green velour, flies does not travel, split center for bows, controlled from SR, single purchase counter weight.
  • There are 5 sets of black velour legs and boarders with no fullness.
  • 2 full stage black travelers, 1 mid stage, 1 down stage.
  • One black scrim.
  • One plastic cyclorama with muslin bounce drop.
  • See Hanging Order under Rigging.
  • One white scrim.
  • One full stage black.


  • The gridiron is 47 feet above the stage and is accessed by a stairway stage right.


  • The loading door is located at the far end of the audience parking lot.
  • The loading area will accommodate a 24′ box truck comfortably, larger vehicles may be accommodated with advance notice (to clear the lot).
  • The loading door is at street level. there is no dock, we have no ramp.
  • The loading door [8′-0″w X 12′-0″h] opens to the loading corridor [12′ X 90′] directly behind the stage.
  • There are 2 sets of scenery doors [7′-10″w X 13′-8″h] upstage left and right leading from the stage to the loading corridor.
  • The stage is less than 15 feet from the loading door.
  • Power for production vehicles must be arranged in advance.