Sound Specifications


  • Center Cluster – 2 EV QRx 115-75
  • Left & Right – EAW MK5194 and EV QRx 118S subs.
  • Monitors – 4 EV-1202 and 4 EV-1202FM
  • All powered with BGW amps.


  • Allen & Heath GL3300 with meter bridge.
  • Yamaha LS9

Mix position is front of house, left, from the cross aisle or the control booth.

A modest assortment of microphones is available for a variety of applications.


  • Headset system by Production Intercom.
  • Headsets can be located in the booth, anywhere back stage, on the catwalks and in the house.  12 portable and 3 permanent stations.

Wireless internet is available everywhere in the building.

Control Booth

The control booth is located at the back of the house and is only accessible from the FOH catwalks. The booth features “sound proof resistant” glass A/C and windows that open to the house. Two monitor mics (AKG C451 EB with CK22 omni capsules) hang in the house and are fed to the booth monitors through 2 ART digital delays. The sound from the monitors is time aligned with sound from the stage. Getting a good feel for the mix from the booth is extremely difficult. Mixing can be done from the cross aisle in the house.