Plymouth State University: The Right Place

Colleagues and Friends,

When I speak of higher education in the 21st century, I often juxtapose internationalization and re-localization. Our world will be different, with problems that are both more global and, ironically, increasingly local. At Plymouth State University, we have a plan to provide an education that matters for today and for tomorrow, making a difference around the world and in our region.

In January of 2008, after a year and a half of campus-wide discussion of our mission and of our dreams, we unveiled the PSU Strategic Plan for 2012. Our goal was to make PSU stronger and even more distinctive as a regional comprehensive university. The plan is innovative and ambitious and divided into five sections: Excellence and Quality, Student Success, Faculty and Staff Support, Partnerships and Engagement, and Physical, Technological, and Financial Resources, the last a foundation for other achievements.

In the plan, we articulated our values. PSU focuses on hands-on learning, enabling students to engage in innovation and to work side-by-side with distinguished faculty and staff mentors. Our motto, Ut prosim (That I may serve), is lived here, and the University shares its intellectual resources to solve problems and develop students who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

In these two plus years, the University has moved forward on our plan. This is a report on that progress, a time to pause and assess as we continue to move forward, a time to celebrate the vitality of the University.

As you move through the report, you will see only a sample of the good work that has been done by many people, presented here with links to other Web pages with information and stories that give a glimpse of the people behind them, whether in an EcoHouse that brings together environmental sustainability with historic preservation for New England or new international programs. You will see initiatives like the White Mountains Institute and the ALLWell (Active Living, Learning, and Wellness) Center.

I hope you feel a sense of pride in accomplishment and a challenge for the future. PSU is a university of place: The right place.


Sara Jayne Steen


PSU’s Guiding Principles

When planning and determining its goals and priorities, Plymouth State University is guided by the following principles:

Student Centered Learning

Student centeredness

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Ut prosim (That I may serve)