White Mountains Institute

Plymouth State University among New Hampshire's White Mountains

The White Mountains Institute (WMI) at Plymouth State University celebrates the significant heritage of our region and creates a premier center for research and programming on the White Mountains.  Through the institute, PSU takes advantage of the spectacular outdoor laboratory around us and builds on our strengths in environmental studies and sustainability, eco-tourism, historic preservation, the arts, adventure education, and the advancement of culture and economic development in rural communities.

The PSU campus has always had a special connection to the White Mountains and has long served as a natural gateway to the region.  PSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni hold in their hearts a true love of the region.  For generations, they have studied local history and culture, explored the surrounding natural wonders, and discovered the personal transformation that comes with time spent in the shadow of the mountains.

The White Mountains Institute offers programming on “green” technologies, environmental health, local foods, environmental planning, reducing carbon footprints, natural resources, and leadership in sustainability.  The Institute offers programming in heritage studies, historic preservation, and arts and culture related to the history of the White Mountains.

A major focus of the White Mountains Institute is the creation of the Museum of the White Mountains: a permanent year-round place on campus for study and research of White Mountains history and culture and an intellectual home and historical archives for the preservation of White Mountains collections of art, memorabilia, photography, ephemera, books, curios, and other significant materials.  Plymouth State University has a proven commitment to and a comprehensive understanding of the special place that is the White Mountains.  Through its creation of the Museum of the White Mountains, the University will further its mission on behalf of students, scholars, and citizens by studying, promoting, and presenting the precious American legacy that is the history of the White Mountains.

Future plans include a White Mountains Hostel for adults and families and a Summer College experience for high school students, both of which will take advantage of the significant programming offered through the WMI and the Museum of the White Mountains.