Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since The Cairn's launch in February of 2013 we have had many contributors write in with questions about the site.  Below are some frequently asked questions:
  • What is the file size limit for images, videos and stories I can share on The Cairn?  The file size limit is 10MB. 


  • How frequently does MWM staff review new contributions to The Cairn? OR How long after making a contribution can I expect to see my item on The Cairn? In most cases, MWM staff reviews new contributions within two business days of the original upload.


  • I have images that I took in the White Mountains before 2013.  Can I still post those to The Cairn?  Yes, please do!  As long as you have the copyright, feel free to post images, video and stories to The Carin even if they are older than The Cairn itself.


  • If I have several related images to share, is there a way to upload them as a group rather than individually?
    The reason we enter only one image at a time is because each unique image must have its own individual metadata, regardless of whether or not that image is part of a group of images.  Think of it like one book of several in a series- each book needs its own ISBN#, bibliographic information, table of contents, etc.  The metadata for an image is similar- it also needs its own title, citation information, tags, etc.  Like a book in a series, an image in a group can be identified as part of a group by the additional information the creator provides.  All your contributions will be labeled with your creator name, linking them together automatically.  Further, you may use the "description" field to explain the story of each image and how one image may relate to another.  Note the date field and label each image created on the same date as such.  Also, when items come in, "tags" are attached based on what is written in the description field.  If a relationship between two images is relayed through the description, similar "tags" will be added to make that relationship more apparent.