Undergraduate Studies

The Undergraduate Studies Office (UGS) reviews and approves all student requests pertaining to academic affairs, including course substitutions, overloads, late course drops, and late course withdrawals. UGS also coordinates the undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies major, the transfer of credits, transfer agreements, and serves as the student exchange representative for the New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC).

The Undergraduate Studies Office is the place to come for any undergraduate academic concern or need, including:

  • Academic Bankruptcy — Academic Bankruptcy form is used to request and receive ‘one-time only’ credit bankruptcy for eligible students.
  • Administrative support for First Year Seminar
  • Advisor changes
  • Credit-By-Examination — Credit-By-Exam form is used to request and receive PSU institutional credit.
  • Curriculum support
  • General Education Program information
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • NHCUC — New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC) is a regional student exchange program within the state of New Hampshire.
  • Student Absence Notices
  • Student Requests — Student Request form is used to request and receive ‘exceptions‘ of all types and varieties.
  • Transferring Credit — Transfer Credit Approval form is used to request and receive credit at PSU for coursework earned at other eligible institutions.
  • Undergraduate Wants to Take Graduate Course — An undergraduate student with both senior status and a 3.00 GPA may request to take up to six credits of graduate courses as an undergraduate but must receive permission from AVP of Academic Affairs (Dr. Zehr) before being allowed to enroll in any graduate course. Student may also request both undergraduate and graduate credit for their graduate coursework.
    (Note: To request and receive this permission, all undergraduate students must submit request via a Student Request form.)

Undergrads searching for info about Barbara Willey travel scholarship, use this link: http://www.plymouth.edu/advancement/giving-to-psu/scholarships/travel-related-to-international-studies/