Mathematics Foundations

The requirement in Mathematics Foundations (MATH) is met by any three-credits in mathematics from courses numbered MA 1500 or higher. Although some mathematics courses may be used to meet either the Mathematics Foundations or the Quantitative Reasoning Perspective requirements, a single course may not be used to meet both requirements.

Students may demonstrate proficiency in mathematics by recording under the credit-by-examination policy, credits for a satisfactory performance on an AP, CLEP or DANTES examination (see appendix). Mathematics course work for which equivalent AP, CLEP or DANTES credit has been received will not be granted credit

Transfer students may demonstrate proficiency in mathematics by recording mathematics transfer credits that are equivalent to Plymouth courses. In cases where there is no equivalent course, the transfer credits must be deemed to be at a level equivalent to MA 1500 or higher by the Director of Curriculum Support and the Mathematics Department Chair. Mathematics course work at Plymouth for which equivalent transfer credit has been recorded will not be granted credit.

If a student has fulfilled the Mathematics Proficiency (as indicated in the 1998-1999 Catalog) by August 31, 1999 and chooses to change to the 1999-2000 or subsequent Catalog, the requirement to take a Mathematics Foundations course will be waived.

Mathematics Placement Examinations. The Mathematics Department gives two placement examinations.

  • Students entering without completing high school Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry (i.e., provisionally admitted students) may take the XY Exam that places them in one of two sequences: MA 1070-1080 or MA 1100. Provisionally admitted students who do not take the XY Exam will be automatically placed in MA 1070.
    • Level X: indicates that students have been provisionally admitted (with a mathematics deficiency), but may have the necessary skills to enter MA 1100 for completion of the Preliminary Mathematics Requirement in a one-semester course. Students receiving Level X may opt to enter the MA 1070-1080 sequence by paying the appropriate fee for MA 1070.
    • Level Y: indicates that students will be assigned to MA 1070, Introduction to Algebra Part I. This course meets for three academic hours a week and is graded Pass/No Pass (P/NP). The course cost is three tuition credits and a fee. Students who pass MA 1070 complete the Preliminary Mathematics Requirement by passing MA 1080, Introduction to Algebra Part II.
  • Students who wish to demonstrate mastery of algebra as possible prerequisite for certain mathematics courses (e.g., MA 2140 or MA 2490) or other courses at Plymouth that have an algebra mastery prerequisite, will take the Mathematics Placement Exam. Those students who fail to show competency on the Mathematics Placement Exam may study algebra independently and retake the exam at a subsequent offering of the exam, or they may register for MA 1800 College Algebra. The Mathematics Placement Exam will be scored at three levels:
    • Level 1: Student should complete MA 1800 College Algebra before entering MA 2140 or MA 2490.
    • Level 2: Student meets the prerequisite for MA 2140 Elementary Functions or MA 2490 Applied Calculus I.
    • Level 3: Student meets the prerequisite for MA 2550 Calculus I.

Both the XY Exam and the Mathematics Placement Exam are given during orientation and at least once during the regular semester. Students in programs or majors that require courses with this prerequisite should take the Mathematics Placement Exam during orientation.