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December 17, 1999

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17 December 1999

Present: B Benoit, B Crangle, J Koermer, A Staples, L Sandy, T Lessard, J Sturges, A Mazur, K Arecchi.

The December 3 meeting minutes were approved as written.

Terri spoke on the process of record keeping and handed out draft of process developed by Terri and Nancy along with a form letter draft of acknowledgement. The signature on the report acknowledgement should be that of the person to whom the report is due. Minor changes were made which Terri will incorporate, leaving a brief, standard form letter to be used by the President, Dean of the University or the CPC. A CPC member will review incoming reports. Reports received so far will be brought to next meeting for review. Tracking sheets used in the master files will accompany them.

Acknowledgements will be sent for all reports received so far. Older ones will be accompanied by a short note explaining the lateness of acknowledgement as related to the ongoing development of new procedures

A new field is needed in the database for reports that will be due annually. Past due reports will be re-dated so the reminder system picks them up. Nancy will provide a list of past due reports to Leo so he can make phone calls to those involved over Winterim. He will try to get new dates of completion from them.

Roundtables: Everyone Leo called is able to do the Roundtables and think it’s a good idea. Invitation letter to be sent in email and hard copy, with an RSVP required. Terri distributed latest draft of discussion framework. The committee invitees will get a slightly different version of that same letter. A word change on the framework; “any” will be changed to “all tenure-track faculty members…”

The date for the March 29 Roundtable should be changed due to a Sidore Lecture being scheduled for that day. Discussion followed on coordinating with all calendar keepers for a new date that conflicts with nothing. CPC will begin with available Wednesdays.

A special section is needed on the website to advertise the Roundtables. The first roundtable is the most important of the 3, setting the stage for those that follow. Mention of the March RT will be made on the website to watch for details. The first two should be close together to keep the momentum going. Allison will work on the scheduling issue.

Should we invite our student Trustee? Other Trustees? Terri will make arrangements for the session to be taped. One or more scribes are needed to supplement the tape. Should the taping be made known? Video cameras are a little hard to hide anyway. A summary of the discussion and what occurred will be published.

Bill will get the community statement from the President. The next meeting will cover the roundtables and the goals 2 and 3 rewrites. It is scheduled for Friday, February 4 at 3:30. Location to be announced.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Pettengill, Scribe

December 3, 1999

April 13th, 2011 by JJ

3 December 1999

Present: L Sandy, G Carr, T Lessard, B Benoit, A Staples, K Arecchi, E Wixson.

The November 19 minutes were approved as written.

Terri distributed copies of a letter from Nancy Pettengill to Bill Crangle listing goal deadline change requests that have been received from John P. Clark. Bill B moved to endorse the changes as listed, seconded by Kathleen and approved by the committee. The requests reflect a positive indication that things are moving and efforts are being made to complete goals. The list will be forwarded to President Wharton for approval.

How should Nancy handle questions that result from the automatic report reminders? Since she is not a member of the CPC, it was suggested to add a contact name to the standard reminder note from the President. This contact (Leo, as chair) will answer any questions that may arise from those receiving their reminders. Also discussed was an addition to the reminder of a sentence saying that if the reporting committee is unable to meet the deadline to please contact Leo.

Past Due Reports: If Nancy has not yet received a committee report it will continue to show on the past due report regardless of who else has it. Those committees with past due reports should be sent a form letter stating that they are in arrears for their report, would they please contact the CPC. They also should be asked when they expect to produce a progress report and/or final report, so new deadlines can be set.

Roundtables: The roundtables are an attempt by the CPC to start a dialog. Planning is on track. Terri produced a chart showing a suggested framework of sessions for Goal 5. The CPC will be serving as facilitator in the discussion on gen ed issues. What does a BA degree mean? A BS or BFA? Where should these degrees be different and what should they have in common? Purpose is to resolve what the degrees should be and come to a consensus on the number of credits required in each and to decide the guiding policy and differentiation between the three degrees. Committee then discussed title of the roundtable #1, thewording of its goal and description and the speakers needed. Terri will revise this information on the framework chart and redistribute.

Invited roundtable speakers must be prepared to present their views within the allotted time. Although this event is open to the campus, there will be a listing of official invitees from which rsvp’s will be requested so that we know there will be a minimum attendance. The dates need to be announced and the titles of perhaps the first two roundtables mentioned. The title of the 3rd session will be driven by what happens in the first two. Leo and Terri will have a packet of information along with invitation drafts ready by the next meeting.

Time suggested is 2 hours of working time with a break – 6:30 to 9pm? Will more people come if it begins later in the evening? Should students attend? It was determined that this is a faculty issue, but that the students who are sitting on the invited committees should be welcome. Bill Benoit volunteered to be the facilitator at Roundtable #1. A knowledgeable scribe or some other form of preserving the discussion is needed.

Speakers were chosen from the committees listed in the framework. Virginia Garlitz, Kate Donahue, Ginny Barry, Bob Morton and Ed Wixson were suggested. Leo will contact them on Monday.

What should follow the roundtable? A suggestion was made to take a break after an open discussion, then have the speakers return to offer some reflection on the sentiments being expressed.

Following the roundtable, the CPC will draft a resolution that will be sent to the faculty with copy to the Curriculum Committee, then to the faculty meeting. Then the Curriculum Committee, Gen Ed Committee and the departments would have to take a look at what they are doing. This resolution becomes a guiding principle.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

The CPC’s final meeting for this semester is on December 17 at 3:30 in HUB 123.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Pettengill, Scribe

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