UPC Members

University Planning Committee Members
2006 – 2007

Tom Driscoll ’09 (FAC) Co-Chair
Trent Boggess ’09 (FAC)
Sam Miller ’08 (FAC)
Dennise Maslakowski ’07 (FAC)
Gary Goodnough ’07 (FAC) Co-Chair
Deborah John ’07 (FAC)
Anita Lee ’08 (FAC)
Frank Cocchiarella ’08 (PAT)
Stacey Curdie ’07 (PAT)
Mark Casale ’07 (OS)
Khuan Chong ’07 Chair of Chairs
Liesl Lindley ’07 (new FAC, non-voting)
Christopher Jack ’07 (Student)

TBA    ’07 (Student)

Julie Bernier, Ex-Officio
David Zehr, Ex Officio
Bill Crangle, Ex-Officio
Richard Hage, Ex-Officio
President Sara Jayne Steen, Ex-0fficio
Gail Carr, Ex-Officio
Scott Mantie, Ex-Officio
Deborah John, Ex-Officio
(also a full member for 06-07)

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Coach for a Day

Dean of the First-Year Experience Mark Fischler is a professor, mentor, and friend to countless students. But this past September, he was also a coach for the Panther football team.

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Honoring the Past with a Gift for the Future

Together, Kappa brothers celebrate the good times and help each other in times of need. “The friendships with Brothers of Kappa have stayed with me and so many others for all these years,” says Dana Nelson ’69, one of the fraternity’s founding brothers. “This relationship will stay with us the rest of our lives.” To […]

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A New Day, A New Way of Giving

Thanks to life in the digital age, when information is as close as a swipe and a tap away, old-school philanthropy has been turned on its head. Donors want—and can find—more information about the causes and organizations they support. They want to feel confident that their gift is going to make a difference; and with […]