Special Topics in Art: Integrating Art and Nature for Educators (AR 5560.WV)

June 16th, 2010 by Bridget

August 1-3, Waterville Valley, with guest educator and former adjunct faculty,  Maria Minickiello

This course provides an opportunity for immersion in a specialized topic/area concerning studio art, art history, multicultural arts traditions, special education, technology, graphic design, and/or art education, which contemporary art educators address as professionals, guest artists, educators and professionals working with faculty members are invited to teach this course and share their experience and expertise in selected areas of specialization.  Students may repeat this course when it is offered under a different topic.

Exploring the arts in nature can provide students with an opportunity to reflect and study their natural surroundings through close observation.  This course provides educators with opportunities to engage in nature firsthand, to get up close and personal with natural surroundings and to create ways to bring nature into the classroom.  We will explore professional nature journalists, ways in which the arts can be integrated into other classroom subjects, such as science, and why engaging students in nature is more important now than ever before.

Students should bring clothing and shoes appropriate for outdoor walking and hiking. Outdoor activity will not be strenuous (slow and short walks will be taken). All activity levels are welcome.  Please plan for all types of weather.