Special Topics in Art: The Emotional Landscape (AR 5560.03)

June 16th, 2010 by Bridget

July 12- 16, 9:00 – 4:30 with guest Photographer, Brian Jolley

The course is designed for Classroom Teachers, Art Teachers, Environmental Scientists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, or anyone that enjoys the outdoors and wants to improve their artistic representation of the environment. We will not just be after “pretty pictures,” but images that portray imagination, history of place, concern of environment, personal connection to locale, etc. The course will provide students with the technical skills and confidence to transform their feelings for a chosen locale into an image that can be used artistically, commercially, or personally. Landscapes along the spectrum from scenic to urban will be discussed.

The class is open to photographic beginners and will include darkroom and digital techniques (Photoshop), field trips, and simple graphic design skills (InDesign). The projects covered are adaptable to different grade levels, languages, or artistic abilities, as darkroom techniques will be limited to film development and contact printing. A film camera would be beneficial (medium format -120 film – even better); a digital camera with manual controls is a must. Students will make Silver Gelatin panoramas, digital photographic “joiners,” and produce a piece of work to coincide the Weeks act of 1911.