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Summer Heritage Programs

In a continuing effort to contribute to the academic and cultural life of Plymouth State University and the White Mountain Region, the Center for Rural Partnerships has developed the Summer Heritage Programs (SHP). The Heritage Proigrams will create opportunities to expand graduate education and to promote professional development and regional partnerships, largely through the utilization of existing programs. The Institute will draw on and integrate the resources of two present institutions, the Graduate School and the Frost School, and one new one, the Summer Teacher’s Institute. It will also collaborate with the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.

By its very nature the term heritage connotes a distinct sense of place, a region that unites diverse human and natural resources and facilitates the exploration of these resources. The SHP encourages individuals, families, community leaders, and organizations to investigate the dynamic environment of the White Mountains through various programs on the region’s rich history, unique traditions, variegated scenic landscape, and cultural resources. Programing is designed to be experiential, flexible, and interactive and utilizes both campus and adjunct faculty. Both credit and non-credit options are available in an interdisciplinary context.