150th Anniversary Alumni Directory

The Plymouth State Alumni Association is pleased to announce partnering with Publishing Concepts (PCI) to publish a 150th Anniversary Alumni Directory. PCI is a trusted and valued partner of the PSUAA, and is a leader in alumni directory projects.

Your Help is Needed to Accomplish this Project!

Soon you will receive a postcard and email encouraging you to call PCI to update your information. Doing so will ensure that you are accurately represented in the directory.

Your information will not only help assemble the directory itself, but also ensure your are invited to PSUAA events and receive relevant Alumni communications. Please know that your information will remain protected throughout this process and will not be shared with outside entities.

When you call, you will have the opportunity to purchase your own directory if you choose. You may also purchase commemorative items, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and travel bags. The PSUAA simply needs you to call to verify your information.

If you have questions about the directory itself, please call PCI at (800) 982-1590. If you would prefer to speak with the Alumni Office, please call or 603-535-2589 or email alumni@plymouth.edu.

Thank you for your on going support – Once a Panther, Always a Panther!

Frequently Asked Questions