Plymouth State University Ranks 2nd in the Northeast, First-Year Student Ranks 5th in the Nation for Outdoor Activity

Self-proclaimed as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts due to its location in the mountain and lakes region of NH, Plymouth State lived up to the title by ranking second out of 14 Northeast schools competing in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge. First year student Vincent Lapointe-Deptula ranked 5th overall in the nation individually with 138 entries for a total of 3,785 points.

Outdoor Nation is a national competition where students, faculty, alumni, and staff post images of themselves enjoying outdoor activities on the Outdoor Nation app. Schools across the United States compete to be the National Outdoor Champion, receiving points based on type of activity, number of participants, and duration of activity.

Outdoor Nation, hosted by the Outdoor Foundation, aims to get students off their couches and enjoying the great outdoors. This year, the competition was divided into two divisions based on outdoor experience. Plymouth State chose to be a part of Division I indicating its expertise in Adventure Education and as such faced steep competition. PSU ranked 15th out of 52 universities in Division I.

In the Northeast Region, Plymouth State came in second behind University of Maine. The contest ran from September 18, 2017 to October 15, 2017 in which time Plymouth State students, faculty, and alumni recorded 1,278 entries earning a total of 31,051 points. Each image post included the length of time spent and the type of activity which correlated to specific point values. PSU’s most popular category of activity was hiking/backpacking, followed closely by walking then climbing.

“This was Plymouth State’s 2nd year competing in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge and I am very proud of our success as a University. We only had 78 active competitors and went up against very large schools. I am looking forward to competing again next year and hopefully increasing student involvement,” said Christian Bisson, Adventure Education Associate Professor and Program Coordinator.

To encourage outdoor adventure, the Outdoor Foundation teamed up with sponsors The North Face, REI, Hydro Flask, and ENO. Each of these companies sponsored one week of the competition in which it set bonus activities. Everyone who completed the bonus activity was entered to win a prize.

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