Chronicle of Higher Education Highlights PSU’s Clusters Transformation

Plymouth State is undergoing a major, positive transformation via the Integrated Clusters learning model, and the nation’s higher education community is noticing. PSU’s evolution is the primary case study in a Chronicle of Higher Education feature on higher education administration, which suggests that the University may have advantages favoring its success.

The president constantly communicates about the changes, laying out a vision.

The highly respected Chronicle is the leading source of news and information for higher education. “Want to Revamp Your Curriculum? Here’s How to Avoid a Quagmire.” appeared in the March 4, 2018, edition and is available online.

The article acknowledges the possibility of a “Waterloo” when structural change comes up against established priorities and traditions, but PSU is seen as more suited for innovation than other institutions. “Plymouth State is an unusually collegial place, averse to acrimonious clashes, many faculty members say,” reports the Chronicle. In addition, President Donald Birx is credited for constantly communicating about proposals and changes, laying out a vision of the University’s future.

PSU’s transition is well underway and the article references the use of tools central to the Clusters initiative, including First-Year Seminars, movement from three- to four-credit courses, and open laboratories, and it alludes to the Lancaster Project’s interdisciplinary approach.

The article also profiles the experiences of Duke University and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“Want to Revamp Your Curriculum? Here’s How to Avoid a Quagmire.”

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