Plymouth State University Unveils Peace Wall

Plymouth State community comes together to display a unified message of Peace

A new, permanent art installation was unveiled on April 5, 2018 in the Hartman Union Building at Plymouth State University (PSU). The outcome of a year-long Integrated Cluster Project, more than 600 tiles now hang on the wall of the Pawsway, each hand-painted by a student or other member of the PSU community and depicts his/her own understanding of Peace.

The Peace Wall was a result of a multidisciplinary planning group and consisted of collaboration between the Justice and Security Cluster; the Tourism, Environment, and Sustainable Development Cluster; and the Office of the Deans. The Peace Wall was meant to join the Peace Garden as a visible symbol of unity and a sign of the university’s commitment to sustain a culture of peaceful, respectful, and kind behavior toward all.

Those who participated in creating the Peace Wall gained a greater sense of identity, community, and camaraderie amongst diverse groups by working together for a common outcome. The Peace Wall is a symbolic work of art that emphasizes the value of individuals collaborating together to display a unified message of Peace.

The Peace Wall is just the first phase of many. It is the Planning Group’s aspiration that subsequent phases with projects around the “peace” theme will be developed by other Integrated Clusters in subsequent years, including another Peace Wall in a different location on campus. In addition to the Peace Wall, the project included lectures, exhibits, and movie/documentary screenings to further enhance the educational experience.

For more information about PSU’s Integrated Clusters approach to higher education and to see more examples of current Cluster projects, visit To get involved with this Cluster Project in future phases, contact

More than 600 tiles hand-painted by PSU students, faculty, and staff hang in the Hartman Union Building of Plymouth State University as a unified message of Peace.

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