Convocation 2018 Award Winners

The Plymouth State Convocation ceremony celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of the undergraduate members of the Class of 2018. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients.

2018 Top 20 Senior Award Recipients

Alden, Katherine
Bates, Cassandra
Bennett, Kayleigh
Berube, Felicia
Bolduc, Alexis
Bradley, Lyndsey
Connors, Dustin
Couture, Rachel
Furlone, Anna
Kosiorek, Kyle
Livingston, Meghan
McEnany, Fiona
Piacentini, Victoria
Ricker, Molly
Sambor, Geneva
Scarponi, Virginia
Songin, Casey
Spaulding, Shannon
Sullivan, Emily
Trupp, Mariah
Vose, Eric
Wright, Taylor

2018 Convocation Awards

Michael Allen – Award for Excellence in the Field of Marketing
Sacha Bays – Senior Music Award and the Mildred McAfee Horton Award
Jessica Belisle – Award for Excellence in the Field of Business Administration
Felicia Berube – Outstanding Senior Exercise and Sport Physiology Award
Fiona Brody McEnany – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Political Science
Raeanne Bujeaud – Excellence in Art History Award
Joseph Cavadini – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Award
Stephen Chute – Switzer History Prize
Julie M. Cleveland – Senior Chemistry Achievement Award
Danielle Cushing – Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art Award
Lindsey Derouche – Clarice Clark Parker Memorial Book Award
Cameron Downing – Plymouth Players Award
Jasmin P. Drake Crossland – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Anthropology
Sophie Edvardsson Brisere – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Environmental Planning
Matthew T. Ferland – Outstanding Senior in Computer Science Award
Briana Ferullo – Outstanding Athletic Training Award
Lisa Ford – Outstanding Senior Health Education Award
Kendra Fox – Dance Achievement Award
Callie Geiger – Senior Psychology Award
Madisen Giordano – Non-Traditional Graduating Student Award
Marcus S. Gobis – Outstanding Information Technology Award
Kaila Gutierrez – Communication and Media Studies Outstanding Graduating Student Award
Megan Habershaw – Award for Excellence in the Field of Sports Management
Molly Hildebrandt – Switzer History Excellence Award
Peerawit Jitthai – Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design Award
Brian Kemp – Outstanding Senior Adventure Education Award
Fenjens Kwok – Outstanding Mathematics Major Award
Justin Larsh – Award for Excellence in the Field of Accounting
Drew Brian Lederer – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Sociology
Camden MacLeay – Award for Excellence in the Field of Management
Savannah Mangrolia – Nursing Student Award for Outstanding Achievement
Rebecca Mansfield – Contemporary Dance Ensemble Award
Marissa Martinez – Senior Social Work Practicum Achievement Award
Madailein Louise McLaughlin – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Public Management
Marissa Merrill – Outstanding Senior Health Education Award
Emily Middleton – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Interdisciplinary Studies Award
Justin Montgomery – Van A. Hartman Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior Male
Erica Morrissette – Karl Drerup Award
Elizabeth Morrissette – Karl Drerup Award
Julia Mosso – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art Award
Andrew W. Mozier – Robert L. Boyd Biology Award
Denis Mwaura – Bachelor of Science in Art Education Award
Parker J. Normand – Robert Peel Award for the Outstanding Criminal Justice Senior
Jonathan E. O’Brien – Senior Meteorology Achievement Award
Lisa Osborne – Outstanding Senior Physical Education Teacher Certification Award
Sarah I. Robinson – Social Studies Education Academic Award
Nicholas Rutherford – Award for Excellence in the Field of Finance
Geneva Sambor – English Book Prize
Jennifer Santucci – Wall Street Journal Achievement Award for Outstanding Business Major
Justin Sault – The Conning Tower Yearbook Dedication
Virginia Scarponi – Bachelor of Science in Art Education Award
Andrew Shepard – Outstanding Mathematics Major Award – Mathematics Education
Justin Siewierski – Ernest L. Silver Award
Holly Snedeker – Philosophy Excellence in Service Award
Shannon Spaulding –Norma Wilkinson Memorial Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior Female
Kelsie Steil – Contemporary Dance Ensemble Award
Emily R. Sullivan – Outstanding Graduating Senior in Tourism Management and Policy Major
Megan E. Tingley – Outstanding Early Childhood Education Major Award
Tyler Tumblety – Dr. J. Duane Squires History Prize
Melanee Waters – Elementary Education Award for Academic Excellence
Gina Wheeler – Senior Social Work Achievement Award
Kyle Williamson – Youth Development Award for Academic Excellence
Stephanie Winter – Elementary Education and Youth Development Outstanding Leadership Award
Raegan E. Young – Environmental Science and Policy Leadership Award


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