Plymouth State Launches New Program for High School Students to Take College Classes

Plymouth State University (PSU) has created a new program to help high school students expand their coursework and challenge themselves at the collegiate level and deepen their educational experiences. Starting with the Spring 2019 semester, juniors and seniors can take PSU classes at half the cost of regular tuition, and earn college credits while still in high school.

Students in the Accelerated High School program will have the opportunity to take any PSU class – on campus or online, depending on where the class meets. Classes will be taught by PSU faculty members, and students will be held to the same standards and expectations as their college-age classmates.

“The Accelerated High School Student program is just the latest way that Plymouth State is helping students develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills they’ll need to tackle future challenges,” said Jason Moran, dean of enrollment management, Plymouth State University. “This new program allows high school students to experience college-level coursework and expectations alongside Plymouth State ungraduated students, and prepare for the next step in their education journey.”

Current high school juniors and seniors who maintain a “B” grade point average and are enrolled in college preparatory classes are eligible to apply for the Accelerated High School Student program. Students may apply to participate in any PSU class as long as they meet all pre-requisites for the specific course.

To apply, students must identify the specific course in which they would like to enroll, complete and submit an application, a letter of recommendation from a school guidance counselor detailing the student’s academic qualifications and relevance of the PSU course to the high school program, and his or her official high school transcript to the Assistant Director of Admissions for New Hampshire. Once the application is reviewed, the PSU Admissions Office will notify students and help those who qualify enroll in the approved classes.

For more information about the PSU Accelerated High School Student program, the application process and available courses, contact Ryan Patten, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, at or 800-842-6900. The Admissions Office is now accepting applications from high school juniors and seniors for the Spring 2019 semester.

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