Constitution Day

PSU is proud to acknowledge how the events of September 17th have shaped and continue to shape our country’s history. You can learn more about Constitution Day at the following link:

PSU’s 2018 Constitution Day Event, September 17,2018:

To celebrate Constitution Day (September 17th), Plymouth State University invites students to reflect on the meaning of the first amendment in higher education. You are invited to  submit a written essay (two page limit) or a video essay (5 minute max.) in response to the following prompt:
“Universities frequently invite outside speakers to campuses to discuss issues that are  relevant to both local and national audiences. Should speakers who promote unpopular or offensive ideas be allowed to speak freely, or is it appropriate to ban them from campus,  dis-invite them, or if allowed to speak, disrupt them during their presentation?”

Deadline for entries is Friday, September 28th, 2018
Essays can be emailed to Dr. Zehr at or You may drop it off at the Frost House.