The Physical Therapy program is located in the Samuel Read Hall building. The program is equipped with:

  • a 1000 square foot smart classroom/lab which includes storage for models and equipment used during courses and is available for DPT student use during non DPT course offerings
  • a 1000 square foot teaching / clinical lab
  • a shared 300 square foot conference room
  • a 250 square foot clinic lab equipped with remote viewing cameras for unobtrusive faculty / student observation from the 250 square foot conference room
  • 4 additional small labs (approximately 220 square feet each): Hospital Room Lab, the Human Factors & Ergonomics Lab, and two movement/mobility labs
  • Private Faculty and Administrative offices are clustered near a small lounge, the labs and conference rooms.

The program has been spatially organized to realize its Educational Philosophy for academic excellence, learner-centered teaching, experiential learning, applied research and regional service. The goal during development has been a space that allows for program flexibility  and adaptability with Faculty being highly accessible to students, while being scholars and visionary leaders in the profession, serving as mentors constantly and consistently educating through modeling the behaviors and attributes that we hope to see develop in future graduates.