Organizational Approaches to Transformation & Healing

OATH can be added as a concentration to the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS in Couples and Family Therapy, MEd in School Counseling, MEd in School Psychology, MA in Personal and Organizational Wellness, or pursued as a stand-alone graduate certificate.

Directed by the PATH Institute at PSU, this program challenges traditional models and examines the implications of emerging paradigms for organizational health. You will explore ways to transform the work environment through the integration of holistic approaches to leadership, interpersonal relationships, social responsibility, and self-reflection. Emphasis will be placed on cultivating the qualities of a compassionate heart, an open mind, and good intention. Through an examination of personal, organizational, and global contexts, you will develop as agents of change in work environments.

Getting started is easy, just complete the online application for admission and provide a transcript showing the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher and a current résumé. No admissions tests are required.

Use the Course Planning Matrix to see when OATH course will be offered.

Required Courses

Total for OATH – 18 credits