Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Eating Disorders program in Health Education are able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic information in the eating disorders field for entry level l eating disorder specialists. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of assessment and treatment modalities of eating disorders. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of medical complications of eating disorders. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of nutrition education, assessment, and counseling of eating disorders. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in an eating disorders capstone experience in a clinical setting or educational/outreach setting. 
  • Prepared to be an advocate for eating disorders. 
  • Understand critical issues facing eating disorders at local, regional, national, scales by looking at a variety of resources. 
  • Use biological, psychological and social influences to inform their understanding of each distinct eating disorder and other feeding disorders.  
  • Discuss career opportunities for employment in clinical areas, outreach/ education, business and prevention in eating disorders.  





Dr. Mardie Burckes-Miller

Professor of Health Education
Director of the Eating Disorders Institute
Graduate Program Coordinator for Eating Disorders

Phone: (603) 535-2515
Email: margaret@plymouth.edu