Graduate Assistantships – Athletic Training

There are 3-4 graduate assistantships available for certified athletic trainers enrolled in the advanced master’s athletic training degree program.

Professional Qualifications

One year of experience as a BOC certified athletic trainer (preferred) and current CPR/AED certification. Applicant must be in good standing within BOC and NATA, as well as fulfill requirements for state licensure.

Clinical Duties

A graduate assistant (GA) working for Plymouth State University or to a local private school falls under the supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer, team physician, and graduate athletic training program director. Duties include, but are not limited to, athletic event coverage and assisting the Head Athletic Trainer in the design and implementation of a comprehensive program for injury prevention, as well as injury care and rehabilitation for the athletes.

Athletic Training Student Supervision

Approved Clinical Instructor (ACI) training will be provided for all graduate assistants. As an ACI, the graduate assistant will be assigned team coverage throughout the academic year. Additionally, the graduate assistant will assume the guidance responsibilities and performance evaluation of student athletic trainers during their clinical experience.


The graduate assistant stipend ranges from $8000-$12,000 each academic year. A tuition waver will be granted for 18 credits per year.  Funding is available for professional development.  Additional opportunities for teaching within the athletic training program may be available through the HHP department.


Graduate Assistantship Application (PDF 208 kb)

  • Two individuals will be assigned to Plymouth State University team coverage.
  • The other assistantship provides experience on the high school level private schools

For more information please contact:

Liesl Lindley, Director of Clinical Instruction – or

Mark Legacy, PSU Head Athletic Trainer –


The state of New Hampshire requires that all athletic trainers be licensed. Information on licensure, as well as license application information can be found at:

  • 121 South Fruit Street, Suite 303
    Concord, NH 03301
    Billie Jo Richardson
    (603) 271-8389 (telephone)
    (603) 271-6702 (fax)