Communicable Disease Policy

Communicable diseases are classified as conditions, illnesses and diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another.  Athletic training students who have known communicable diseases are required to practice a level of Universal Precautions such that disease transmission is prevented.  Specifically,

  • Dermatological conditions (i.e. contact dermatitis, impetigo, etc.) are prevented by wearing non-porous gloves and seeking appropriate medication.
  • Respiratory diseases (i.e. colds, flu, etc.) are prevented by frequent hand washing, awareness of environmental surface contamination and cleansing.
  • Bloodborne diseases (i.e. HBV, HIV, etc.) are prevented by wearing non-porous gloves.

Students may ask for a leave of absence from clinical practice when feeling ill or during the infectious stages of the disease by contacting his or her Preceptor and the Director of Clinical Instruction.  No Preceptor may penalize a student for taking a leave of absence, no matter how brief or how long.  If a student is unable to complete the clinical experience by the end of the semester/grading period, an incomplete will be recorded.  When the student is able to return to the clinic and the clinical work is completed, the incomplete will be changed to the appropriate grade.