Program Outcomes

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Program outcomes:

Students who successfully complete the Master of Science in Athletic Training are able to:
A. Demonstrate competency and proficiency in the following entry-level athletic training areas:

    1. risk management, injury prevention, planning and implementation of prevention strategies
    2. pathological mechanisms in the development, progression and epidemiology ofinjuries, illnesses and diseases
    3. recognition, clinical examination, diagnosis, appropriate referral and management ofcommon risk factors, orthopedic injury, and illnesses in the physically activeindividual
    4. providing appropriate care and referral for injuries and illnesses in the physicallyactive individual
    5. planning, implementing, documenting and evaluating the efficacy of therapeuticmodalities in the treatment of injuries and illnesses
    6. planning, implementing, documenting and evaluating the efficacy of therapeuticexercise programs for the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries and illnesses
    7. pharmacologic applications and governing regulations relevant to the treatment ofinjuries, illnesses and diseases
    8. recognize, intervene and refer patients with sociocultural, mental, emotional andpsychological behavioral problems and issues
    9. provide appropriate nutritional advice for active individuals
    10. development, administration, and management of a healthcare facility for the physically active individual
    11. professional responsibilities and avenues for professional development in the promotion of athletic training

B.  Exhibit the use of clinical best practices and evidence-based medicine.
C.  Demonstrate use of technological resources in gathering and disseminating educational and professional information
D.  Apply the skills required of an entry-level position or advanced graduate work