Counselor Education Course Syllabi

Linked below are example syllabi for all of our courses from both the Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling programs.

These can be used to get a sense of course topics, assignments, policies, etc – but please keep in mind that all of the above can vary depending on the instructor of the course or changes in the field. For the latest and most accurate copy of a course syllabus, please contact that course instructor via email.

CO5010 – Professional Orientation and Ethics

CO5020 – Counseling Skills

CO5030 – Foundations of School Counseling

CO5040 – Social Behavior and Diversity

CO5050 – Advanced Human Development

CO5070 – Research Design for the Helping Professions

CO5080 – The Counselor in the Classroom

CO5100 – Counseling Practicum

CO5130 – Psychopharmacology and the Biological Basis of Mental Health

CO5230 – Career Counseling and Development

CO5260 – Counseling Theories and Personality

CO5430 – Assessment for Counselors

CO5460 – Group Counseling

CO5600 – Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

CO5650 – Critical Issues in Schools

CO5670 – Working with Children and Families

CO5710 – Crisis and Trauma Counseling

CO5720 – Addictions and Related Disorders

CO5770 – Psychopathology

CO5780 – Working with Youth and Systems

CO5790 – Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning

CO5850 – Seminar and Internship in School Counseling

CO5880 – Seminar and Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling