Vision, Mission, and Process

Below is the Vision, Mission, and Process statements for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and School Psychology programs. These statements were created, and periodically revisited and updated, by workgroups comprised of faculty, students, and alumni of these programs. The last revision occurred in May of 2020.


The Programs envision a world that cultivates human worth and dignity that honors all dimensions of diversity by fostering greater democratic participation and empowering individual and collective voices.


Through our unique interdisciplinary approaches, we honor and recognize the diversity that exists within society and aim to develop skills necessary to empower people, communities, and organizations. The Programs prepare ethical professionals, committed to a reflexive process, who strive to positively transform people and systems.


In order to accomplish our vision and mission, faculty and students participate in the development of policies and procedures at the program and classroom levels. An integrated-cluster approach fosters collaborative professional relationships, transforms theory into practice, and advances social justice. With the guidance of faculty, students engage in the ongoing processes of increased self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness, the implementation of evidence-informed interventions, and the promotion of systemic change through professional and client advocacy.