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The MS in Couples and Family Therapy provides the knowledge and skills needed to become a licensed marriage and family therapist and an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Clinical Fellow. This program will prepare graduates to work in private practice, counseling centers, mental health agencies, hospitals, family service clinics, shelters, and state departments for children and family services. According to U.S. News and World Report, marriage and family therapy is one of the fastest-growing occupations today. In fact, marriage and family therapists (MFTs) are ranked 2nd in best social service jobs. Regarding the job outlook, ranging from 2014-2024, MFTs are at a 19% increase, which is much faster than average.

A marriage and family therapist is a helping professional who is trained to intervene in human problems in a holistic way. A marriage and family therapist is trained in various theories and methods stemming from a model of understanding human interaction called systems theory. Systems theory is an integrated set of concepts which describes how each person is interconnected with his or her context in very complex ways, and looks at the individual as simultaneously a whole entity and as part of a larger system. Systems theory holds that individuals function in relation to others and in relation to a set of circumstances that dictate how each person is to react. Conversely, the individual is also seen as being capable of having powerful input into how the larger system operates and can have an influence in changing his or her environment.

Contact Couples and Family Therapy Program Director, Dr. Stephen Flynn, with any questions related to the CFT program or certificate.

Students can complete the 60 credit MS in Couples and Family Therapy by itself or add one of the following concentrations:

Addictions Treatment
Eating Disorders Institute
Organizational Approaches to Transformation and Healing (OATH)
Personal Approaches to Transformation and Healing (PATH)
Play Therapy
Admissions requirements for the MS in Couples and Family Therapy requires the following materials to be submitted through our online application

  • 3.0 or better in undergraduate coursework
  • Official transcripts from any/all college level work
  • Three professional recommendations
  • Current Resume
  • Statement of interest
  • Participation in the Group Interview – register here
  • NH Residency Verification form (NH residents only)
  • $75 application fee

CFT Course Offerings for 2018:
This course planning matrix shows a tentative schedule of when Couples and Family Therapy courses will be offered. Please note this is subject to change.

New Hampshire State License Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT) Requirements:
This website shows the New Hampshire state LMFT requirements.