General Special Education K–12 Certification

Courses in special education address competencies in such areas as classroom management, survey of exceptionalities, human development, foundations, assessment, and teaching strategies. This concentration is aligned with the Council of Exceptional Children standards and is nationally accredited.

Plymouth State’s General Special Education certification programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and aligned with the national Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Standards.

Requirements for certification may change, subject to changes made by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE). Teacher candidates can find the latest NHDOE standards at

Certification-only Option: Students would complete 33 credits as listed below, excluding the Master’s Core Component.

Master’s Core Component 9 credits
ED 5000 Social Behavior in a Diverse Society 3
SE 5765 Working with Families and Children: Legal and Ethical Issues 3
ED 5030 Research Design 3
– OR –
SE 5181 Collaborative Action Research 3
Learning Theory Component 12 credits
ED 5060 Theories of Learning and Cognitive Development 3
SE 5600 Language and Learning Disabilities 3
SE 5400 Classroom Interventions and Special Education Strategies 3
SE 5581 Technology for Diverse Learners 3
Specialization Component 15 credits
SE 5300 Special Education Law 3
SE 5770 Behavioral Disorders in School-Aged Children 3
SE 5190 Educational Testing 3
SE 5760 Collaboration, Consultation, and Leadership in Special Education 3
SE 6040 Curriculum Development in Special Education 3
Capstone Experience 6 credits
SE 5960 Special Education Teaching Internship 6

Total for MEd in Special Education, General Special Education K-12 Certification – 42 credits