K–12 Administrator Certification

Graduates of this concentration are eligible for certification as a special education administrator in New Hampshire. Reciprocity through interstate compacts extends this certification to additional states. Requirements for certification may change, subject to changes made by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE). Teacher candidates can find the latest NHDOE standards at education.nh.gov/index.htm.

Admissions Note: This program requires previous certification in K–12 General Special Education as well as five years of teaching experience.

Certification-only Option: Students would complete 27 credits as listed below, excluding the Master’s Core Component, except for ED 5060 which is required.

Curriculum Requirements

Special Education Administration Courses 24 credits
AD 5010 Organizational Leadership in Schools 3
AD 5020 Staff Development and Evaluation 3
AD 5300 School Finance and Negotiation 3
SE 5564 PBIS: Comprehensive Approaches 3
SE 5760 Collaboration, Consultation and Leadership in Special Education 3
SE 6040 Curriculum Development in Special Education 3
ED 5060 Theories of Learning and Cognitive Development 3
AD 5700 School Law 3
– OR –
SE 5300 Special Education Law 3
Capstone Experience 3 credits
SE 7800 Special Education Leadership Practicum 3

Total for MEd in Special Education, K–12 Administrator Certification – 36 credits