Business and Community Development in the North Country of New Hampshire

By engaging three classes and partnering with North Country businesses and community members, students aimed to provide a range of supporting services to a team of highly motivated community leaders in an effort to strengthen local economic and social conditions in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The effort focused on the recent acquisition of a key building in Lancaster’s downtown as an anchor to build entrepreneurial ventures, as well as an incubator, and to attract a younger demographic as a seed to the town’s future economic success. Students participated from adventure education, art, business, communications, graphic design, health promotion, languages, marketing ,travel, and tourism to provide their clients with the best possible results.

62 students in three courses worked in interdisciplinary groups with team members that had varied areas of expertise:

  • Student Design Company students worked with business owners to identify a value proposition, specific brand platform, and messaging and imagery based on the client’s needs. The end result was to develop a strong branding platform and professional, designed campaigns for each element of Lancaster’s emerging entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Small Business/Entrepreneurship Marketing and Operations students outlined and provided specific business development plans to enhance the value proposition of Lancaster area businesses. This resulted in students sharing plans, strategies, and solutions to assist client’s in meeting specific marketing and operational goals.
  • Business Innovation students developed and presented innovative, designed solutions to challenges identified by the groups of clients including an overall “Roadmap to Success” for the town’s target market of a younger workforce. Students created and shared a change model by identifying a strategy and map for Lancaster to retain and attract a younger population of professionals and families.

This project was featured in the New Hampshire Business Review, read more. A follow-up article on the momentum of the town’s initiative to progress and attract a younger demographic was published after the project concluded, read more.

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