Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Concepts that come to mind when we think about innovation and entrepreneurship include leadership, initiative, converting an idea into an innovation, taking action, and doing. This cluster:

  1. takes risks (like encouraging learning as we are doing)
  2. takes time to understand failures (failures are part of innovating) and learns from them
  3. sees the opportunity in problems
  4. acts

Great ideas are wonderful but putting them into action is where the magic happens.

Mission: Our cluster exists to serve students, the university, and the community by collaborating across complementary fields of study. By promoting the enterprising habit of mind, we design solutions to the widest range of social, educational, commercial, and environmental problems. We encourage our students to take risks, learn from failures, see opportunity in problems and act.

Real-World Cluster Project

Engaging Community and Business Leaders in Lancaster, New Hampshire

The Problem

A historic community needs to stimulate new entrepreneurial ventures, attract and retain young professionals, and re-envision a landmark building.

Awareness of the Issue

Students familiarized themselves with the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through multiple meetings with business owners, civic leaders, and town officials.

Collaborative Team Projects

Students in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Tourism, Environment, & Sustainable Development clusters worked closely with Lancaster leaders.

Proposal Presentations

Site visit and on-campus research were combined to create full business proposals, which were made directly to the Lancaster community.

Improved Outcomes

Viable strategies to advance Lancaster’s economic and social prospects included branding, marketing, and social media plans, and strategies for drawing millennials to town.

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