Anthropology / Sociology

Bachelor of Arts

The Anthropology and Sociology program at Plymouth State University offers the chance to embark on a comprehensive study of human behavior.

Anthropology/Sociology majors learn to appreciate global social issues by understanding that human diversity and human problems must be examined in the context of cultures and societies.

Anthropologists and sociologists use the fascinating and intensive study of cultural and human evolution, contemporary American society and world cultures to help people better understand themselves and others. Through such study, our students gain an awareness of important topics such as:

  • Environmental issues
  • Global ecology
  • Third world cultures and development
  • Ethnic identity
  • Gender and race in the U.S. and abroad
  • Class structure in American society
  • Problems relating to family, environment, crime and deviance
  • Sustainability

Anthropology/Sociology majors develop a global perspective that prepares them not only for graduate studies, but also for careers in applied social sciences, consulting, business, government services (domestic or overseas), and community and third world development.

Students are encouraged to explore fieldwork and internship opportunities as part of this preparation. We offer archaeological and ethnographic field schools, research and outreach into communities and travel abroad opportunities.

Options available in Anthropology and Sociology.

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