Student Learning Outcomes

  • Provide arts, pedagogical, curriculum, and assessment leadership and implement best practices in teaching, planning, and pedagogy in contemporary art education settings in a comprehensive art curriculum.
  • Analyze the developmental learning needs of students and class communities and address these needs in planning and pedagogical practice.
  • Participate in the school community, build on constructive criticism and self-reflection, advocate for arts education, develop team and community relationships, and work with curriculum and assessment at the program, school, district, and national levels.
  • Develop confidence, a distinct teaching voice, professional identity as an artist-educator and the active engagement in lifelong learning and ongoing professional development in the arts and education.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability in foundational to advanced studio processes, new media, tools, materials and safety, western and non-western art history, aesthetic theory, art criticism, the role of the arts in society and the development of a portfolio of personal artwork and recognition of exhibition/presentation opportunities.